49er Sailing Dinghy

49er sailing dinghy Many of the principal features of the 49er are relatively new to the sailing world. This is because the 49er is a development of the Sydney Eighteen foot skiff, and the skiff class has itself recently experienced an unprecedented two decades of the most intense development.

The 16-foot 49er was designed by Julian Bethwaite (the son of Frank Bethwaite, (the designer of the popular Tasar and Laser 2 classes) to be sailed by two people. They do that by hooking up to trapezes and hanging out over the water with their feet against wings that extend from the narrow hull. The rig is enormous, with a powerfully roached mainsail set on a mast whose top third is made of spun fiberglass and carbon and is hooked back like a fly rod. The 410-square-foot spinnaker is set from the masthead and a long retractable sprit.

The 49er gives the ultimate combination of horsepower to weight in a boat that two people can almost handle. By design, the 49er is overpowered most of the time. It may be the ultimate two-man dinghy ! Its definatley not a boat for beginners but for experts who will give everything for boat speed and sailing thrills.

The boat was selected by the International Sailing Federation after a series of trials for a high performance two person skiff and has been in every olympics since it debut in Sydney Olympics of 2000.

Length : 5.0m
Beam : 3.0m
Sail Area : 21.20m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 760

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