Frequently Asked Questions Advertising

This page should answer any questions regarding advertising on the Go Sail website. If you have any further questions then please dont hesitate to contact us

Q1. What sort of advertising can Go Sail provide you?

We can provide of number of advertising options for your marine related business which are outlined on the advertising page.

Q2. Why should I pay advertise on the Go Sail website ?

It is true there are dozens of website on the Internet all charging for advertising so why are we different ?

Go Sail is a dedicated sailing website and contain only sailing related information ensuring that the people viewing you advertisements are interested in sailing and sailing products.

Cost effective advertising - how much does a quarter page advert in a sailing magazine cost ? Figures vary from magazine to magazine but minimum cost is likely to be £300+ per edition. Obviously magazines are monthly and circulation figures are relatively low. For £80 per year your company can have a full page advertising you business on the Go Sail website.

Everyday we will have a random featured supplier shown on the Go Sail home page exposing your business to hundreds of sailing enthusiasts.

Your advertisement page on Go Sail will be correctly formatted and accessible to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This means that web users using search engines to look for particular products will be able to access your advertisement page directly.

Go Sail is continually been developed with more information being added everyday. Our visitor numbers are increasing on a daily basis and our aim is to become one of the best sailing resources on the Internet.

Q3. Why do you charge to advertise ?

Charging for commercial advertising enables us to cover hosting costs and to continue to develop the Go Sail website. We do not charge sailing clubs or charities.