Sewelle Mt. Sailing Club

We are a grass roots program. This is a place where you can make new friends and learn the basics of sailing,Find help with your own boat, Move on to racing, and help others. More importantly, we will teach you to sail free.

Sailing alone is both peaceful and serene, but frankly, sharing with others both the art and joy of this sport is far better, and long ago ,surpassed my need to win regattas. When I first put my boat in the water at Summerville and started away from the beach, it quickly became apparent to me that I was the only sail boat out on a warm, clear and , breezy day. That same story played out weekend after weekend... where are all the boats ? My answer came soon enough. There weren't any ! Well, not boats with sails !

I hope to change that.

Club Contact Details

Name Sewelle Mt. Sailing Club
Town/City Rainelle
County West Virginia
Postcode 25962
Telephone 304 438-5035