Charleston Yacht Club

The Charleston Yacht Club was founded in 1934 to foster interest in water sports. Located in downtown Charleston, the club is centrally located for everyone. Whether you stop by for a drink after work or boat over on the weekend, there is always something going on at the club. The flagroom is a perfect place for large gatherings with views and a porch overlooking the Ashley River.


OPTIMIST: Optimists are designed for young kids., 8-15 years of age. They can handle them without danger, fear or back-strain and sail them singlehanded. The Optimist is not only one of the biggest dinghy classes in the world, it is the fastest growing

Open BIC: The fast, planing hull of the O’pen Bic gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm of this powerful machine gives you the same excitement normally experienced on a boat for adults. With its 60-foot Open design, including a totally open self draining stern, even capsizing is fun! Young sailors are fully independent on the water and will be proud to sail such a modern-looking and elegant boat, one that both sails and looks like the boat of today’s champions.

VANGUARD 420: Ideal for crews ranging in size from 220-310 lbs., the 420 is manageable for sailors coming out of the Optimist class and enables young sailors to learn teamwork skills that simply can”t be learned in single-handed boats. Charleston Community Sailing Inc. has a fleet of 13 competitive 420s for use in the summer program. The 420 is simple and safe for beginning sailors and yet quick enough to keep collegiate All-Americans interested.

Club Contact Details

Name Charleston Yacht Club
Address 17 Lockwood Dr, The City Marina
P O Box 20474
Town/City Charleston
County South Carolina
Postcode 29413-0474
Telephone 843-722-4968