Glenmore Sailing Club

Club Boats available to members:

GSC maintains a fleet of boats for use by Club members. These include a Wayfarer, four Bytes, three Laser Radials, four MelonSeeds and eleven Optimists.

Members intending to use the Club Wayfarer, Bytes or Laser Radials must download, print, read, sign and deliver their Usage Agreement (WAYFARER USAGE AGREEMENT.pdf, LASER RADIAL USAGE.pdf AGREEMENT, BYTE USAGE AGREEMENT.pdf) to the Club Boat Coordinator prior to taking a boat on the water. The attached usage forms detail the charter fees.

The Wayfarer is a lively and very stable 16'' family dinghy, perfect for Glenmore. You could easily pack a picnic lunch in the Wayfarer or take it out for an evening''s social sail around the Reservoir.
Bytes are ideally suited for sailors weiging 90 to 140 pounds (one or two children or one adult). The Byte is also an excellent training boat for youths, and is used in the Club''s Youth Sailing Program along with the Optimists and the MelonSeeds.
Download Byte rigging instructions for the Byte_Race_Rigging_Manual.pdfl
Laser Radial is a smaller rig version of the Laser which happens to be the most popular Racing Dinghy in the world. The Laser Radial is an excellent youth and adult race training boat.
The MelonSeed is a design by Club member Martin Herbert, and built by Club members over one winter. All the MelonSeeds are named after the women who assisted in building the boats. MelonSeeds are a stable and safe design perfect for children from 3 to 9 years old.
For youth aged 6 to 14, there are eleven Optimist dinghies, which are internationally recognized youth training sailboats.

MelonSeeds and Optimists are available for use by all members at no charge.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Club Boat programs, please contact the Club Boat Coordinator or email Kelsey, the club Manager and Head Coach at

Club Contact Details

Name Glenmore Sailing Club
Address Station M
Town/City Calgary
County Alberta
Postcode T2P 2J3
Telephone 14032382044