Perry Yacht Club

We’re proud to be an organization of, by, and for our members. No outside economic interests decide our agenda, and that sets us apart from many other marinas and clubs.

We’re equally proud of our facility. Perry Yacht Club lies off the beaten path literally and figuratively. Many of us think of the club as a weekend home away from home, a welcome respite from our everyday cares and responsibilities. Morning mists in summertime, flocks of white pelicans in the fall, and soaring bald eagles in winter inspire a sense of awe and respect for our world, feelings often lost in our day-to-day lives. And as for the sailing…

Perry Lake has earned a reputation as the best place to sail in the region, and for good reason. The lake boasts lots of water, great wind, few powerboats and a great group of sailors. You’ll soon find yourself looking forward to every weekend at the club.

As a member you’ll have the chance to participate directly in the management and maintenance of the club, and we encourage every member who can to get involved. Perhaps you can lend a hand when needed, pitch in at our club opening and closing days work days, host one of the club’s many social events, and even run for a position on the Board of Governors. PYC has no executive staff the quality of the club is up to us!

Perry Lake is the largest sailing lake in the area. Other than a very few well-marked obstacles (beware of Grabber Rocks!) the lake has deep water virtually everywhere South of the bridge in Ozawkie.

The lake is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers who uses the it, along with several others, to control the water level in the Missouri River. Consequently the water level in the lake will vary over the course of the season depending on rainfall and snow- melt up stream. The docks are designed to adjust to these variations.

Club Contact Details

Name Perry Yacht Club
Address 8369 Yacht Club Drive
Town/City Meriden
County Kansas
Postcode 66512