Southwind Yacht Club

Milford Lake provides some of the best sailing anywhere in the Midwest. The beautiful park and excellent sailing conditions attract members from throughout Kansas and Nebraska. Lake Milford provides several sand beaches, beautiful coves, and offer many diverse recreational opportunities. The fun includes camping, cabin rental, marinas, boating, swimming, fishing, playgrounds, hunting, hiking, wildlife watching, off-road vehicle trails, bicycle trails (including mountain biking), and, of course, sailing.

Southwind Yacht Club ("SYC") leases grounds from the Kansas Park Authority. All rules and regulations applying to the Park also apply to SYC. All members are encouraged to review the State Park rules. Kansas boating rules require life jackets for children under 12, and this rule applies to children on our docks. The State patrol may ticket parents of children not wearing life jackets while on the docks.

The club pavilion was constructed and is maintained by SYC. It is available to all members and their guests. Members who use the shelter house are responsible for cleanup. Propane cooking grills are located in the storage area and are available for use by members. An ice freezer is also located in the storage area for members to purchase ice. Users will receive a bill for purchases or you may pay as you go.

Additional information concerning SYC rules, regulations, bylaws, and members may be found in your Southwind Yacht Club member manual provided to each member annually.

Club Contact Details

Name Southwind Yacht Club
Address Milford State Park
8811 State Park Road
Town/City Milford
County Kansas
Postcode 66514
Telephone 785-527-5771