Minnetonka Yacht Club

In August 1882, the Minnetonka Yacht Club by-laws and sailing rules were drawn up at Lookout Point. Starting with 25 members, the sailing was social and easy going. Within 5 years, the fleet and membership had more than doubled. The original multi-level clubhouse was built in 1890 on Light House Island, where it burned down in 1943. The replacement clubhouse was built in the place where it stands today. By 1892, the sailing rules became more strict along with the boat designs. In 1899, the Minnetonka Ice Yacht Club was founded with an original 167 members. The large 3 story club house, built on Bug Island, burned down in 1904. Sailing was temporarily suspended during World War I (1917-1919), with the A and C fleets being the survivors. In 1923, the E class was introduced. However, it didn't catch on until 1945 after the depression and World War II. The 1950's saw the club move more towards competitive sport and less social.

Today, the club has over 500 members and hosts the A, E, C, M17, MC, Yngling, J22, Laser, X, Optimist, Open Fleet, and Classic Boats.

Club Contact Details

Name Minnetonka Yacht Club
Address 19800 Minnetonka Blvd
Town/City Deephaven
County Minnesota
Postcode 55331
Telephone (952)474-4457
Website http://www.minnetonkayachtclub.org/