Crescent Sail Yacht Club

"Crescent", as it is known in the world of sailing, is a club exclusively for sailors. The only power boats moored at the club are workboats used for running regattas. The club''s man-made harbor juts into the waters of Lake St. Clair at 276 Lake Shore Road in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

Crescent was founded in 1933 by a determined group of sailing and racing devotees. Their depression-era experiences had a telling effect on the concepts and principles under which Crescent functioned then and now. Founded as a sailing club for "men of moderate means" (which now includes women), Crescent has the tradition that members work eighteen hours annually for the club as part of their membership. Two annual workdays organize the effort to improve and maintain the facility. These workdays also provide the benefit of developing close friendships and camaraderie that extend into Crescent sailing activities.

Races for Lasers, Snipes, Thistles, Lightnings, Flying Scots, Cal 20s and twin hulled Olympic Tornados are held twice a week. Lasers race into December. Other one-design classes active at Crescent include Cal 25s, Express 27s, S2 7.9s, International Etchells, J35s, Santana 35s and Tartan 10s. Crescent sailors hold national and international championship trophies in many classes.

One-design racing has been a strong tradition at Crescent Sail Yacht Club throughout the club''s 65-year history. The club''s oldest and largest one-design fleets are Thistles, Snipes, and Lightnings. The fleets, along with other Crescent one-design classes, compete in club races on Wednesday evenings and Sundays from mid-May to early October. The races are held at the club and include separate starts for Thistles, Lightnings, Snipes, Tornado and Nacra multihulls, Cal 20s, Flying Scots and Stars.

Other one-design classes represented at Crescent include Cal 25s, Express 27s, Lasers, S2 7.9s, Tartan 10s, International Etchells, and Melges 24. These classes compete in many different regatta series including Crescent’s Monday Night Double-Handed Series and Grosse Pointe Farms Thursday night series. Crescent is also an active member and participant in DRYA regattas and races. Junior Program fleets include Optimist, Laser, Flying Junior, and 420.

Club Contact Details

Name Crescent Sail Yacht Club
Address 276 Lake Shore Road
Town/City Grosse Pointe Farms
County Michigan
Postcode 48236
Telephone (313) 885-7575