B Sailing Club

B Sailing Club grew out of the Bates family tradition of racing on Lake Erie.

Walter Bates, my father, ran what we called the “Bates Academy” – anyone able-bodied and interested in sailing was welcomed aboard, encouraged to participate fully, and invited back to sail with us again on the family’s C&C 35 MK II, Tumbril.

From 1974 to 1992, he hosted over 100 sailors in regattas and pleasure cruises. We called ourselves “ Bates Academy” because so many sailors learned to sail on board Tumbril and then moved on to other boats or their own boat.

My father instilled in all of us good seamanship, respect for Mother Nature, and a passion for the sport of sailing. I am inspired to pass this along to others.

My experience sailing since 1974, with thousands of miles of racing in all weather conditions and countless mark roundings, has produced a profound respect for sea and wind. Racing in Lake Erie and Lake Huron, Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Puget Sound, Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay on various boats ranging from Sunfish to Farr 50, Beneteau 36.7 to Etchells, J-24,80,105,120 and C&C 35, 40, 42, and cruising the Caribbean. I have worked at Shore Sails in Cleveland, Doyle Sailmakers in Annapolis and various rigging and boat maintenance positions. I am well qualified to provide safe club boats and help you with your goals in sailing.

I have managed a fleet of 14 J Boats and 130 members in Annapolis, Maryland. I have organized races, clinics, and social events for the members. We will do the same here. I remain open to suggestions on how to better serve our membership and the community. Please feel free to contact me

My hope is to make you as comfortable on the water as I am by providing expert instruction and unlimited hours of practice so you can feel completely confident taking your family or friends sailing.

Club Contact Details

Name B Sailing Club
Address 1900 Shipyard Drive
Town/City Seabrook
County Texas
Postcode 77586
Telephone 281-212-7348
Email alan@bsailing.com
Website http://www.bsailing.com/index.asp