Dobson Yacht Club

The Dobson Yacht Club sits on the western shore of the South Arm, directly opposite the Sydney downtown area. Its location on the chart (4266) is shown as Dobsons Point, formerly known as Shingle Point. The Club is justly proud of its facilities, which are the finest and most extensive in Sydney Harbour. The Club, with its newly renovated interior, harbourside lawn, and beautiful vista of the Sydney waterfront is also a major social centre on the Westmount shore of Sydney Harbour.

The primary goals of The Dobson Yacht Club are to provide first class boating facilities for its members and to promote the pastime of sailing and power boating in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. We invite non-members to be our guests and to join in the various activities that take place at the Club.

Sydney Harbour is safe to enter in any weather, including thick fog. In early summer (May 15 to July 15) the Cape Breton coast, including the entrance to Sydney Harbour, is littered with lobster traps. The best approach, to avoid fouling a trap buoy, is to follow the fairway, which is marked by two fairway buoys (SA and SC) and a pair of range lights. Once past South Bar there are no more lobster traps.

Sydney is the nearest major harbour, having a full range of marine services and supplies, for cruisers venturing to Newfoundland or to the French islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon. It is a favoured port for departure or arrival and The Dobson Yacht Club always extends a warm welcome to those making the voyage. It is an ideal port to shelter from bad weather and to wait for a weather window to make the crossing.

The Dobson Yacht Club is renowned for its hospitality and welcomes all visiting boaters. We invite you to come and stay with us. Our affordable dues allow visitors to take out a membership and enjoy members rates for all services. Those wishing to have their boats transported by land may load or unload their boats at DYC. Special arrangements can be made to lay-up your boat over the winter, or to have maintenance or repairs performed on-site.

The maximum tidal range in Sydney Harbour is 4.4 feet (1.3 metres). However, strong winds and high/low barometric pressure can also have a strong influence on the water level.

Club Contact Details

Name Dobson Yacht Club
Address 600 Westmount Road
Town/City Sydney
County Nova Scotia
Postcode B1R 1A6
Telephone (902) 562-0062