Concept 302 Sailing Dinghy

Concept 302 sailing dinghy The Concept 302 is a small sporty dinghy designed to fit between the Optimist and the laser. It can be an ideal beginners boat or a fast exciting dinghy with the larger rig fitted. The boat can use two rigs, a 4.2 m2 for juniors and inexperienced sailors and a 5.1 m2 rig and a 3.8m2 gennaker with optional chute allowing the boat to grow to match the helm's skills. The Concept 302 is constructed of glassfibre with double hull construction making the boat unsinkable.

The dinghy has a self draining cockpit and a sophisticated but simple rigging system with all controls being led back to the cockpit. The rudder and centreboard are pivoted allowing beach sailing without removal. The light hull and two part mast make car topping easy. For such a small boat the Concept is very stable. If you do capsize its relatively easy to right with the centreboard being within easy reach.

The Concept 302 will not suit everyone and the manufacturer claims an weight of 70kg. Reports have suggested this may be a little on the high side. The dinghy never took off in the UK and relatively small numbers were sold. Due to its small size and lightweight it is however a great little boat for holidays or to been kept aboard larger boats.

Length : 3.02m
Beam : 1.20m
Weight : 32kg
Sail Area : 4.2 - 5.1m sq

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