Cox 22 Yacht / Sailboat

Cox 22 yacht Yawl rigged, sailing version of Cox motor cruiser. ‘Not pretty, but honestly built and popular for pottering, fishing and coastal cruising’ according to Yachting Monthly A-Z of Second Hand Boats.

The Cox 22 has three berths, heads, dinette, galley and inboard diesel engine and was built by Cox Marine Ltd.

We have very little information at present about this boat so if any of our readers has anything to add please contact us.

Length : 6.81m
Beam : 2.54m
Weight : 3300lbs
Sail Area : 2162 ft Yawl

Cox 22  Yacht/Sailboat comments and advice

I have owned a cox 22 for the last 3 years, I had to trade it in with the advent of a young family, as my wife was not keen on the idea of sailing. Haveing owned several different types of yachts I was ready for the worst sailing experiance possible, I was pleasantly suprised in here sailing ability, remebering she is a motor sailer, she has good sea keeping ability, she appears to work better the hairier it get's, the only down fall is going astern, she suffers from considerable "prop" effect, this can be used to your adantage particularly if you are mooring in tight situation as it brings the stern in quite neatly.