Debutante Yacht / Sailboat

Debutante yacht The Debutante yacht is a Robert Tucker Design. Constructed from marine ply with African mahogany stem-hog etc..cold moulded marine ply flush deck, cast iron centre ballast keel 9mm steel bilge plates total weight of keels 750 lbs, draws 27" with a LWL 16'. The Debutante yacht was built at Banks Boatyard Stanstead Abbots.

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Length : 21ft
Beam : 7ft
Weight : 1 ton
Sail Area : 155 sq ft

Debutante  Yacht/Sailboat comments and advice

I owned a Deb in the late 60s, moored at Brough Haven in East Yorkshire, on the Humber - cost the princely sum of £300. I learned to sail in her, sometimes on my own and sometimes with a friend, mostly managing to avoid the Humber mud-banks ......
If I remember rightly it was built by Blanks Boatyard, not Banks.