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Sailing Dinghy Classes

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Single Crew Dinghies

single handed sailing dinghy Blaze |  Byte |  Comet |  Concept 302 |  Contender |  Dabchick |  Europe |  Finn |  Foxer |  International Canoe |  Laser |  Laser Funboat |  Laser Pico |  Laser Vago |  Laser Vortex |  Lido 14 |  Nipper |  OK |  Optimist |  Phantom |  RS Feva |  RS Vareo |  RS300 |  RS600 |  Solo |  Splash |  Streaker |  Supernova |  Topper |  Topper Topaz Uno | 

Twin Plus Crew Dinghies

double handed sailing dinghy 420 |  Albacore |  Bosun |  Cadet |  Cherub |  Comet Duo |  E-Scow |  Enterprise |  Escape 12 |  Fireball |  Flying 15 |  Fusion 15 |  GP14 |  Graduate |  Gull |  Gull Calypso |  Gull Spirit |  Heron |  Hornet |  Kestrel |  Lark |  Laser 2 |  Laser 2000 |  Laser 3000 |  Laser 4000 |  Lightning |  M-20 Scow |  M16 Scow |  Melges M17  |  Merlin Rocket |  Miracle |  Mirror |  National 12 |  Norfolk Punt |  Osprey |  Pacer |  RS Elite |  RS200 |  RS400 |  Sandhopper |  Scorpion |  Seafly |  Snipe |  Spearhead |  Tasar |  Topper Buzz |  Topper Mango |  Topper Spice |  Topper Taz |  Wanderer |  Wayfarer |  Yachting World Dayboat | 

Multihull / Catamaran

multihull dinghy / catamaran A Class |  Catapult |  Dart 15 |  Formula 18 |  Hurricane |  Minicat 310 |  Shadow | 

ASU Sailing Club - Featured Club

Dinghy Racing The ASU Sailing Club offers sailing classes that are taught by instructors certified by the US SAILING and can certify students in Small Boat Sailing. The sport is an activity and skill set that can be used on the water competitively or recreational. Local training and sailing events will be held at Tempe Town Lake and Lake Pleasant. We sail Club FJs and a Martin 16. The ASU Sailing Club will be involved in community based regattas, as well as intercollegiate competitions in the Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference (PCCSC). However, please remember that no sailing experience is required.

Accessible Boats: The program utilizes small boats that are sailed by 1 to 4 people on Tempe Town Lake. Larger team boats are used at Lake Pleasant for racing and cruising. The program has boats that are accessible to accommodate almost any need. Some are specifically designed so that a person sits low inside the boat instead of leaning over the side. This allows even people with special needs to sail them alone with training.
Several aspects of the design include:

Ballasted centerboard or keel ensuring that the boat will not capsize.

Hull design, designated to promote stability and responsiveness.

Adaptive technology that can be controlled by any moving body part. This allows people with profound needs to sail their own boats.

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