Miracle Sailing Dinghy

Miracle sailing dinghy The Miracle is a truly versatile craft and is ideal for beginners or experts, young and old alike. It offers friendly but competitive, exciting racing opportunities at both club and national level - but is also the perfect boat to take on the family holiday or to potter about in.

An optional spinnaker (with chute), flat aft section and wide beam help to provide all the thrills and spills you'd expect from a one-design thoroughbred planing racing-boat which even downwind, remains stable enough for youth or inexperienced helm to quickly learn to control.

The Miracle was initially supplied only in wood as a kit and is designed for home building. Consequently many Miracles were built by enthusiasts. Most professionally assembled Miracles were built by Bell Woodworking, who were the sole source of kits, and a few by other professional builders. There is nothing wrong with a home built boat. If it looks well built it probably is ! If it is relatively old, the fact that it has survived tells you that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the initial build quality. The very great majority of Miracles are made of wood.

In the early 90's, a composite version of the Miracle was developed (glass reinforced plastic [GRP] hull and wooden deck), and shortly after that a full GRP boat. There are relatively few of these about and pricewise they are still at the higher end of the market. In 1997, the option to home build the wooden boat from plans became available

Length : 3.89m
Beam : 1.59m
Weight : 77kg
Sail Area : 8.9m sq

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Miracle  Dinghy comments and advice

I have been sailing for around six months in our Miracle. I am 14 and my dad has taught me to sail in the spring. Already the miracle has taught me to sail faster than friends the same age that have been sailing for 2 years or more! a great first time boat or a boat for anyone looking for excitement without so much cost and spray!

I have just purchased a Wooden Miracle dinghy, my first boat. Staff at my sailing club are not familiar with design and have expressed surprise that there is nothing to secure the base of the mast to the wooden "rib" on the hull. Is this normal, or is there a chance that the mast may come lose?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Simon

There should be a cutout in the foredeck into which the mast slots. A metal bracket then holds the mast in the inset. The mast is then secure.

The Miracle is a great boat to learn in. Fast enough not to be boring yet in a blow its quite exciting.

The miracle seems to be almost ideal for me to start teaching my children (and wife!) the thrill of sailing but I am unsure how it would fare lanched from the beach or across the solent. Does anyone have experience of using these in such a situation?

I need to replace the foredeck on my wooden Miracle. Does anyone have experience of this and know the thickness of the marine ply that I will require or have a pattern.

Hi there you lucky Miracle sailers! I used to have one as a teenager with my two older brothers and it was great fun. We started off self taught, it is a 'miracle' that we are still here(we had leasons later on) to tell the tales. It is a super boat.

But we have no pics of our lovely old boat, if any one has some handy and could email them I would be most grateful.

Happy and safe sailing in 2007

I've been sailing Miracle 736 for over 20 years off the welsh coast and sometimes in very heavy weather, there should be a little block behind the mast where is slots over to stop it slipping backwards, bit I have never had any issue with it. The shrouds and forestay if corretly tensioned will ensure it stays put.

Enjoy your sailing

Had my first experience of Miracle sailing the other day, crewing in a Force 4-5 on Norfolk Broads. What an excellent boat. Sailed really well, and did some nice planing in her. Plenty of room as well, which was nice.

Re launching off a beach: I've done this many dozens of times with my Miracle. Launching is no problem - she'll cope with remarkable surf. Keep weight in the centre. Coming ashore in surf is more tricky: lift the centre board and keep all the weight right at the stern, to hold the rudder in the water. Once beached, move her clear of the surf quickly - there's nothing worse (or more damaging) than being swamped!

We built a Miracle in my Grandfathers green house in Rhosneier during the spring of what must have been 1974/5. It wasn't the best job on the tape and the fumes killed all his tomatoes that year but what a great dingy. We all learnt to sail in it off the coast of Anglesey and eventually sold it in probably 1979/80. If you bought a Miracle from a lay-by outside Pentraeth on Anglesey around this time then would be great to know what happened to her. We dont have any photo's with the sail up so no idea what sail number she was.

anyone know the history of 3031?

Just picked upan old miracle - probably one of the first. Spotted her while looking for something bigger and fell in love. Took her out for first time last weekend - fantatsic - sailed away when I didn't even think there was any wind at all. When wind got up in the afternoon, she took off. What have I been missing!

Hi from Malta. Purchased a miracle around 5 months ago and have'nt looked back since! It's an all wood model in a pretty good condition. I'm told its around 30 years old, so must be around 1978. I'm told it was one of a batch built in Malta by a local shipyard. Its a lovely boat to sail. I've sailed it in force 1-4 winds with a reefed sail both with crew and single handed without a jib. Its a great beginners boat and being so old I'm a little sceptic about pushing it in higher winds. It needs to be maintained to keep the wood in good condition but that's part of it's beauty. Side by side a modern fibreglass dinghy..the Miracle receives the favourable comments on looks! My only complaint is the mainsheet since I can't seem to find a solution for locking the mainsheet when cruising. Any suggestions?

Igot a miracle a few years back but sadly was beyond repair me and my brother now sail a graduate which is the same length and around the same speed, when a miracle turned up at our club the other day realised how much i missed it, hope evryone who has a decent one has fun and good luck racing the thing.