International Moth Sailing Dinghy

International Moth sailing dinghy A typical Moth hull is 3.5m long and 35cm wide with the entire rigged boat weighing i at only 25-35kg. Combining an 8m2 sail and "wing" develops an incredible power to weight ratio making Moths one of the fastest single handed dinghy's. While being a true development class, the hull and rig have now been refined to a stage where sailing skill rather than technical innovation determines race performance.

The International Moth is not the sort of dinghy that sailors step into from another class and automatically win. It is likely that you are an experienced sailor already if you want to sail a Moth. You may find the experience intimidating or embarrassing, but stick with it.

One of the beauties of the class is that it takes dedication above and beyond most conventional sailing dinghies. This does not appeal to everyone, but to the select few. To be able to hone your Moth sailing skills so that you can drive the razor-sharp hulls in all conditions is an exhilarating experience.

Length : 3.35m
Beam : 2.25m
Sail Area : 8m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1001

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