Newbridge Pioneer Pilot Yacht / Sailboat

Newbridge Pioneer Pilot yacht The Newbridge Pioneer Pilot is a small pilothouse sailing cruiser it is based on the popular Newbridge Pioneer hull, but with an enclosed wheelhouse. It is designed by Bill Dixon and offers the luxury of alternative tiller steering in the cockpit which is rare in a boat of its size. The Newbridge Pioneer Pilot has a reasonably sized modern hull with a small but well fitted double berth aft cabin, and between 2 to 4 more berths forward, which have an open plan layout. The Newbridge Pioneer Pilot is a sensible family cruiser, offering good accommodation for its size and a safe and comfortable sailing experience. Most of the Newbridge Pioneer Pilots sold were bilge-keelers, but there are also fin-keel and centerboard versions available.

The boat was designed and built originally in the mid 1980s, and it has been a popular family choice ever since because of its solid build and reliability. It is a small boat but is accommodating and has been designed for family use with a number of safety and security features such as lockers and lifelines. The boat typically runs from a Volvo diesel engine.

Length : 7.87m
Beam : 2.74m
Weight : 2664kg
Sail Area : 348 sq ft main and genoa

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