Norfolk Punt Sailing Dinghy

Norfolk Punt sailing dinghy The Norfolk Punt originated on Breydon Water, being used for fishing and fowling, with or without a formidable single-barrelled swivel gun of about 2-bore and some six or seven feet in length.

The Norfolk Punt is a very high performance two man racing dinghy. Sail area is approximately 16.6 sq. metres (main and jib) but the spinnaker is not measured so it is as big as you dare! Carbon fibre spars and assymetric kites are allowed. Hull materials range from mahogany on oak through plywood and glassfibre to carbon fibre. Cost for a new boat is anywhere from £5000 to £10000.

Length : 5.79m to 6.76m
Beam : 1.6m
Weight : 106kg
Sail Area : 16.6m sq (approx)

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