Odin 820 Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Odin 820 trailer sailer The Odin 820 yahct is very similar to the MacGregor 26 in that it can be sailed or used as a powered cruiser. The boat is designed and built by Odin Yachten/ Odin Yachten Polska.

The powering capabilities set it apart from most other sailboats. With a 75 hp outboard the Odin 820 reaches 22 mph. Like the MacGregor 26 the Odin 820 uses water ballast when in sailing mode. This can then be emtied when trailing the boat.

Its lightweight and planning style hull allows the boat to get up on the top of the water and plane. Most other sailboats of this size, with their round displacement hulls, will not exceed their hull speed of 5 to 6 mph.

Stowage is adequate for weekending, though the space under the forward part of the berth in the bow and under the double berth in the stern is filled with polyurethane foam.

Down below the Odin 820 has a simple galley, heads and ample storage for a weekend away. There are 4 reasonably spacious berths.

Length : 8.2m
Beam : 2.5m
Weight : 1300 kg
Sail Area : 15.9m sq
Berths : 4

Odin 820 Trailer Sailer comments and advice

The mqkers claim SIX berths. With a double berth using an infill between the starboard seating and table in the saloon.