Yachting World Dayboat Sailing Dinghy

Yachting World Dayboat sailing dinghy The Yachting World Dayboat is a classic dinghy which blends stability and seaworthiness with good performance. It is an easily handled stable family dinghy for safe day-sailing. Over the years various version of the Yachting World Dayboat have been produced, in both plywood and GRP, but the class have now rather settled on the simulated clinker GRP version that makes up virtually all of the new boats now being produced.

It is ideal for a (drying) mooring but the modern combination trailers make launch, sailing and recovery entirely feasible. Extremely popular as a cruising dinghy, the Yachting World Dayboat also possesses a surprising turn of speed, and they are vigorously raced at various centres in the UK. Active racing fleets are located at Poole, Gravesend and Bosham.

Length : 4.27m
Beam : 1.725
Weight : 204 kg
Sail Area : 12.26 sq m
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1200

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